And don’t limit yourself to this list. All the food in Guatemala is delicious so you can keep tasting.

Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, one of Guatemala’s most popular businessmen, says that visitors to his country have to try his delicacies to get to know his culture in depth.

  1. Jocón.

The famous sauce of this delicious dish is made with a variety of green vegetables. Jocón can be eaten with chicken, beef and pork.


  1. Pepián.

This dish is known for its delicious sauce that is made with pepita and sesame seeds. It is served with chicken, rice and güisquil (better known as Chayote) to give it a perfect texture and unique flavor.

  1. Paches.

These amazing tamales are made of potato or rice instead of corn. They are prepared similarly to regular tamales, but their peculiar flavor is incomparable to anything you’ve ever eaten before.

  1. Tamalitos de Chipilín.

Another variety of tamales that are very popular in Guatemala are tamalitos de chipilín. These simple dough snacks are the perfect addition to any mealtime.

Tamales de chipilin

  1. Chuchitos.

This is Guatemala’s simplest version of tamales. Made with corn masa and few spices, these can be eaten at all times of the day. Whether you use them as an accompaniment to any typical dish or eat them with a little salsa or cream, you won’t be able to eat just one.

  1. Guatemalan Enchiladas.

The Guatemalan version of enchiladas are just as delicious (or maybe even better) than the Mexican version. These tostadas made with curtido, meat and other ingredients are very common at any public event.

  1. Hilachas.

Hilachas is a dish made with beef and a special tomato sauce that takes a delicate preparation process. All the effort that goes into the hilachas can be felt from the moment you put the first piece of meat in your mouth. This will be one of the best dishes you will eat in Guatemala.

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