For years in Guatemala there has been an educational crisis, not only due to the lack of teachers but also due to the lack of furniture, facilities, and budget to manage school expenses in the different schools of the country.
In the last school years, more than a million primary school students left the classrooms. The educational quality has not improved, after so many years of independence it still does not suit them on a certain social scale, for Guatemalans to be literate, food does not reach the educational centers and malnutrition does not diminish. The infrastructure is terrible, there has been no investment in improving schools for many years, it is unfortunate to observe how many children attend school and do not have a desk to support their notebooks.
Another problem is that teachers are absent from their work mainly due to the lack of tools and lack of salary that they require to complete well every year and do the activities that are left to them well.

The lack of investment in Education

Guatemala has been harshly criticized for its investment margins in education and mainly in the education of children.
But for organizations that study the phenomenon at the Central American level, it is not only the fact that Guatemala does not invest but is increasingly investing less in education.
The great problems that the country faces in most cases are due to a precarious education and the great challenge for future governments is to try to find the mechanisms to seek financing that allows financing such a titanic challenge, says the specialist.
With what coincides the refuge of childhood that takes stock of the consequences of this evil, including the migration of children.
Another of the consequences that Guatemala could face of not investing in education is the absence of foreign investment due to a lack of qualified labor and the collapse of its competitiveness in an increasingly demanding market, experts say.
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