Many of the flights to Monterrey that arrive daily to this city are from all over the world, and usually arrive with enough business travelers. However, another large number of travelers who come to the city only seek to take a few days away from their reality, and this is because the city has options for vacation and combine nature, modernity, tradition and adventure in a cosmopolitan environment.

In Monterrey, modernity and history coexist in the same space, here the Metropolitan Cathedral that was built in the 18th century, which contrasts with the Trade Lighthouse whose famous green laser can be seen from many points of the city. While the Paseo Santa Lucia is a two-kilometer-long, water channel and is the road that connects the Museum of Mexican History and the Northwest Museum.

The land of the former Monterrey smelter is now one of the largest royal prides, the Fundidora Park is a space that makes the history of the steel industry coexist with the concept of a modern park where it is possible to perform sports activities such as ice skating or asphalt. The place also offers cultural activities, business and a wide range of accommodation for your vacation.

Mountains at Monterrey

The mountain range that surrounds the city allows you to admire beautiful natural scenery for an extraordinary vacation in Monterrey, if you are an athlete you can explore the rock formations that for millions of years have given rise to canyons and waterfalls, these sites are ideal for rappelling, camping, hiking and other ecotourism activities. In addition, you can explore the Malaccans, Salto and Laberinto canyons, immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the Cola de Caballo waterfall or sail in La Boca Presa, so bring what you need for your adventure.

Special mention deserves the gastronomy of the city, because the delicious Cabrito, the tacos de trompo, the machaca, the charro beans and the traditional candies are just a proof of what the cuisine of the wonderful state of Nuevo León offers. On this vacation, go for a barbecue, stew with pork or the succulent combination of tomatoes, chiles and beef. In addition, if you still have space for dessert, a natilla or a bread from Bustamante will crown the feast.

In Monterrey, festivals and traditions are also a great tourist attraction and in cases such as the Livestock Fair, which is a faithful example of local tradition, the city is usually one of the best hostesses. This festivity is distinguished by its varied gastronomic samples, sale of crafts and products of the region, also in the capital takes place the Bella Vía Festival, a cultural event dedicated to the coexistence of talented local and foreign artists, causing the Macroplaza it is upholstered with images and beautiful reproductions of works of art. Another is Pal Norte, a music festival compared with Corona Capital in Mexico City.

Escape of the conventional cities by taking any of the flights to Monterrey, a city that will give your vacation a series of unforgettable experiences and that we are sure will be quite enriching.