Named the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ for the beauty of its coastal areas and the richness of its biodiversity, in this paradisiacal corner of the Sinaloan coasts, visitors will find a destination that combines the traditional style of its buildings in the historic center known as the Old Mazatlan, with contemporary hotels and restaurants of international cuisine in its famous Golden Zone. However, when you take one of the take one of the flights to Mazatlan, it will be enough for you to take a walk so you can see that the city has much more than a beautiful colonial city and a good tourist structure.

A well-connected city

Mazatlan has an excellent service structure to serve visitors and an efficient communications network, for example, the Rafael Buelna International Airport offers flights to the main cities of the national territory and important cities in the United States. In addition, visitors can also use a shuttle service that goes to the city of La Paz, a train station and a couple of bus terminals.

Fun at all hours

On the other hand, in Mazatlan visitors will find several alternatives of places to enjoy the local nightlife, from romantic walks along the boardwalk, to visits to places where you can dance to the electronic and pop hits of the moment. In that same place you can taste delicious cocktails and admire the lights of the stars that decorate the sky, we advise you to visit the discos that are located in the Golden Zone, which is the most exclusive area of the port.

Port od Mzatlan at night

The most iconic beaches of Mazatlan

It is time to mention the most attractive beaches of Mazatlan, as is the case of Olas Altas, which is located in Old Mazatlan at the height of the center of the port. This wonderful beach has the peculiarity that its sand moves from place to place depending on the period of the year, giving the impression that the large rocks have changed position, it is an excellent place to practice the most popular water sports such as diving and the Surfing. North Beach begins at the end of the city and ends in the Golden Zone about 60km west of the center of the port, is one of the largest beaches in the country with a size greater than 16km. In the southern area of the beach, there is a moderate intensity swell, which is ideal for swimming. It is time to talk about Gaviotas beach, which is located a few kilometers north of Mazatlan in the heart of the Golden Zone, it is a place that has a large expanse of clear and soft sand, where visitors can take baths of sun and to practice sports like the volleyball or simply to relax in its blue waters of calm waves.

As a final recommendation for all the flights to Mazatlan, we advise you to visit the natural reserves of the area that stand out for their enviable biodiversity, such as the Crestón Hill and the Three Islands, which are a wild reserve integrated by the Birds, Deer and Wolves Islands.