Wild, spiritual, mysterious and purifying, this is the Huasteca Potosina, one of the most extraordinary natural sanctuaries in Mexico and it is because of this natural wealth that characterizes the Huasteca that makes many take some of the flights to San Luis Potosí, to fall surrendered in front of the beauty of its landscapes. We are talking about a place where hundreds of rivers and blue waterfalls appear from nowhere, and if what you are looking for is emotion, you should pay some attention to the following activities.

Some waterfalls to start the adventure well

It is not surprising that one of the most fun activities for lovers of adventure tourism, is the jump from different heights to the pools where these strong currents end, and among the favorite sites for waterfall falls is the park Micos, with a total of seven waterfalls distributed along one kilometer. You can´t miss the waterfalls to the crystal clear waters of the Puente de Dios, a spectacular pool fed by a waterfall of 25 meters high, this of course, always with the advice of expert staff.


Surfing with river rowing will leave you in awe

If you have already surfed with paddle, also known as stand up paddle, you will know how pleasant and relaxing it is, and what better to do it than in a river of crystal clear water that makes its way through the jungle, giving the right touch of emotion to this experience. The tour begins at the waterhole of Huichihuayan, a beautiful spring of crystal clear waters that you can see the bottom and the fish that inhabit this ecosystem.

Rafting will give you that adrenaline shot you are looking for

Another quite exciting way to enjoy the Huasteca is navigating the rapids of great difficulty, such as those that form on the Tampaón River, considered the most beautiful in Mexico, and its stages seem to be extracted from a fantasy novel, and are surrounded by a large limestone canyon traversed by turquoise blue waters. Another place for rafting, but with a low level of difficulty, is on the Micos River, a place that is perfect for beginners.


Diving is also privileged in the Huasteca

If you like to dive, the Huasteca also offers that possibility in a beautiful spring located in the ejido San Francisco de Asis, it is a waterhole of great ecological importance, and it is the habitat of many Mexican aquatic species. Its maximum depth is fifteen meters; perfect for expert divers, but if you don´t practice dives of this style, it will be enough to take a snorkel to enjoy the aquatic treasures of this site surrounded by ancient trees.


So you know, if you want to have a few days with the adrenaline to stop, it’s time to take one of the flights to San Luis Potosí to travel the Huasteca, where beyond the strong emotions that you can have, you will end up being charmed by the beauty of the Huasteca, because it doesn´t compare with anything. Don´t be afraid of adventure and visit this land of natural wonders, you won´t regret it.

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