Making a family trip always leaves unforgettable memories, and what better to do it than one of the most beloved beach destinations in Mexico, the flights to Mazatlan  allow us to enjoy a unique beach destination in the country, as it differs from others due to which enjoys a very Mexican and cultural atmosphere. It is also recognized for providing to the Mexican cuisine the delicious aguachile, much sought after when the hangover from the previous night arrives. Now, here are some ideas that you can take for your next visit.

Mazatlan malecon at sunset with a girl on the back

What you should do on a trip to Mazatlan

Of course we can´t fail to mention the traditional activities in a tropical destination such as enjoying the beach and tasting regional cuisine, in the case of Mazatlan its cuisine is based on seafood, marlin tacos, aguachile and fish zarandeado are the pampered dishes that will undoubtedly leave your family very satisfied and eager to repeat.

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The ecotourism part of Mazatlan

One of the great exponents of the ecotourism part of the place is the Huana Coa Park, located 40 minutes from the city and dedicated to adventure sports with trails that must be traversed in zip lines or all-terrain vehicles, at the end you can visit a farm where Blue agave is distilled with tasting included for adults. However, in Mazatlan you can also enjoy a contact with the marine fauna with the observation of dolphins, whales and sea lions, which undoubtedly are an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Another unique experience is the release of turtles, mainly those of the Mazatlan aquarium, which organizes this activity in different beaches of the area, but if you want to enjoy a closer contact, you can find activities such as kayaking and snorkeling, to have a look closer to the impressive marine life. The ideal places for these activities are the island Venados and the island of Piedra, both with very calm waves perfect for children and with other activities such as horseback riding and bird watching.

Rafting activities at Mazatlan

Activities around the city that will leave a mark

In the city you can find many activities that will also remember with great joy, among the classic is to take a good family walk on the Malecon, either on foot or aboard a pulmonia, which are Mazatlan taxis par excellence. Another way to get around the city is also about the Funbus, a double-deck, roofless bus that will give you a quick and general overview of the main tourist spots in Mazatlan. Another point that you should definitely visit is the lighthouse that is less than half an hour away and where, when you reach the top you will enjoy an unparalleled view of the city.

Enjoy with your family from Mazatlan and take home the best experiences of this city, take any of the flights to Mazatlan can be summarized in perfect days by the sea that undoubtedly will unite more to the family.