When thinking about taking one of the flights to Cancun it is impossible not to imagine the large amount of money you need to make it happen, savings that seem to be not enough and even infinite loans, because although we don´t want, this beautiful area has become a place of great increase in the tourism development to its surroundings. However, before you decide to forget about the trip, we have to inform you that not everything here is expensive and inaccessible, since there are a large number of things to do in Cancun with little or almost no money or saving a lot.

Enjoy the sea at Delfines beach

No one can say that has visited Cancun without having stepped on the warm white sand of its beaches, and for places where the sea seems as blue as the sky, Delfines beach is the right place. It is a great place to rest and recreation at no cost, don´t worry about the transport, as there are a large number of buses that reach the beach at a very affordable price.

Visit the Nichupté lagoon

Nichupté is the largest body of water in Cancun, after the Caribbean Sea of course, this place divides the hotel strip of Cancun with the rest of the city, and it extends for more than three thousand hectares, mangroves and canals that you can travel in a boat that the locals rent. On your trip, you can admire dozens of animals for a very economical price.

Nichupté lagoon view from air

Escape to Isla Mujeres

Although it sounds hard to believe, going to Isla Mujeres is cheaper than you think, the island is distinguished by its charm and tranquility compared to Cancun, here you can rent a bike and walk its beautiful beaches while the sea wet your feet. In addition, there are boats that take you from Puerto Juarez to the island for less than 70 pesos, because if you want something cheaper, you can go to Punta Sam and find transportation at 40 pesos.

Walk through Punta Morelos

After Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Punta Morelos complements the divine trinity of Quintana Roo, is less than 40 minutes from Cancun and there are dozens of transportation options to get here, once you get to the sea, throw yourself into the sand and let the sea cool you down.

Enter the archaeological zone of El Rey

Visiting this archaeological zone is one of the things to do in Cancun that you will most enjoy, it is right at the entrance of Delfines beach, this site has a lot of foundations and unique structures in the peninsula. Walking through this site is to travel to the past and be surprised with each Mayan vestige, but more you will be surprised that the regular entrance costs around 50 pesos.

Archeological site

Swimming in the Nizuc River

In this place, it is common to find small masses of people and lots of space to enjoy the turquoise color of its waters that are charmingly refreshing and peaceful compared to most places that are part of this region.

Save a little and take any of the flights to Cancun that you deserve so much, and enjoy the different places this city has for you without the need to stay bankrupt.