Undoubtedly, Puerto Vallarta is one of the favorite tourist destinations for many travelers thanks to its streets, its people and its gorgeous colors; in addition, the city has natural settings and a very Mexican atmosphere.Take one of the flights to Puerto Vallarta offer the meeting of two worlds, the tradition of a town, and the glamor of the hotels, that together make this a picturesque place, full of dreams, legends, stories and flavors that allow you to travel as better you look like.

Start touring Puerto Vallarta

To begin, you can enjoy a romantic walk through the historic center of Puerto Vallarta that still retains charming and typical cobblestone streets that make them pleasant for those who walk them. There are also restaurants, nightlife, and a street of artisan cafes, art markets, designer shops as well as typical houses and inns. Here you can also find famous icons of this city such as, The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Island of Cuale River, the Malecón and the Arcos.

Hotel Zone of Puerto Vallarta

In the Hotel Zone of Puerto Vallarta, as its name says, you will find most of the big hotels, in general, there are for everyone tastes and plans, the Hotel Zone is located between the International Airport of Puerto Vallarta and the Historic Center. In the place, you can mainly relax on the beaches, take a massage or eat in one of the restaurants that range from the most exclusive and international, to the most traditional. Enjoy a coffee in the marina while watching the sailboats return, or go shopping in the shopping centers.

Puerto Marina

Marina Vallarta

The Marina Puerto Vallarta is one of the most seductive places in the city and is very close to the International Airport. You can start by walking along the avenue De la Marina where you will find the “Ballena Vallarta”, a distinctive sculpture of the place, and if you want to travel on a yacht or practice sport fishing here you can find several options to do so. On the way back, you can walk along the boardwalk while watching the return of sailboats and yachts, or stay for a romantic dinner in one of the different restaurants in the area.


South Coast Puerto Vallarta

The South Coast of Puerto Vallarta is the area with the greatest number of natural scenarios, this is where literally, the sea and the mountains join, forming unique and spectacular landscapes. In this area, you can find several beaches such as Punta Negra, Las Gemelas or Garza Blanca, which are characterized by their crystalline waters. If you like ecotourism, this is the ideal place to get into the jungle by motorcycle or horseback, dive into the sea, dive or descend from the mountains in zip lines, among other attractions that you can enjoy are the Botanical Garden, the Zoo Puerto Vallarta or the “Los Arcos” Marine Park, which is considered a natural reserve due to its great diversity in marine species, birds and vegetation.

No matter the order in which you want to travel the city, the important thing is that you take one of the flights to Puerto Vallarta and let yourself fall in love for this magnificent city that will welcome you with open arms.

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