What can be more romantic than being with your bae, outside the city, in a beautiful, silent and magical place? Nothing, we all know it and there is no woman in this world who resists these things. This year’s Valentine’s Day may be a good option to give to her a few days off in a place that meets all the expectations we mentioned. Enough of marshmallows, chocolates, and flowers, surprise her with some tickets to Mexico to spend those days by your side, and don’t worry about the place because we tell you where you can get.

When you land in this country, it is like reaching an infinity of possible beautiful places where you can spend thousands of hours, or a single fantastic weekend, and more if it is to surprise your partner. So, this time we go to the state of Mexico, just a couple of hours from the city is Villa del Carbon, this is a peaceful town, away from the bustle of big cities. Go writing down the data so that everything goes incredible.

We give you a little history so that the impressions a little, Villa del Carbon during the colonial era, its main economic activity was the exploitation of coal (hence its name), but now its biggest attraction is the lush vegetation that frames it wherever you go. In September 2015, this was named part of the list of the Magical Towns of Mexico. Since even today it retains intact its magnificence of the colonial era, it is also a pleasure for the senses because it is surrounded by mountains, a smell in the pine environment and its wonderful fountains.

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Villa de Carbón ?✌?

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The first point of your trip, the Taxhimay Dam, this dam offers an exceptional landscape, with an imposing green river and the surrounding vegetation. It transmits a halo of mystery, perhaps because of the history that keeps this place. The best way to get to know is by boat as you will be able to better appreciate the two domes that look out from the bottom of the sea; the highest corresponds to the old parish of San Luis and a smaller one belongs to that of Cristo Del Quejido.

If your sweetheart likes to camp in the middle of the night or adventure like hiking, in the Plain Dam where there are also some beautiful cabins where you can spend a night alone, and it will be the ideal time for romance.

This is not all, because there is still more to visit in this beautiful place, but finally, you can go to visit the Plaza Hidalgo, located in the heart of the town where you can spend a pleasant time having a drink or enjoying your typical food, the specialty is the pork rind and sausage. Ah finally we must tell you that in February the temperature is cold, so bring a jacket even if it is an advantage since they will be hugging longer.

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Como cuando viajas en el tiempo y así

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Check out the promotions on tickets to Mexico, it is also a good way to save and spend more on a trip or other gift. Mexico is always partying and it’s your hospitality, you will feel at home.