How many times do we hear that going on a trip in January or February is a good thing because the year starts with the right foot and there is the opportunity for us to have more trips during it, and how not to do it if we can take advantage of all the discounts and promotions there are at the beginning of the year. Let’s talk especially on flights to Mexico because there are quite a few opportunities to buy them at a good price and enjoy some wonderful places within any of its states since the one has chosen is a guarantee of fun and beautiful landscapes to explore.

We are going to recommend a place that is a wonder to behold and the best place to rest on this next trip to Mexico and choose your relevant reservations in advance so you don’t miss a corner of this place. Located in the state of Puebla, we can find this Magic Town that in Nahuatl language is called Xicotepec, which means “hill of bumblebees”.


This wonderful town seems not to be part of any known city since, for many of those who arrive at this place, it feels as if they were entering into another world. Capturing your senses as you arrive, you will see the mountain range and a mist which seems as if the clouds came down to receive their visitors and you could even touch them from the ground. As you get deeper into the place, the aroma of the environment is changing to something more peculiar, which apparently a lot of people love, the smell of coffee toasting; only by smelling it will awaken the desire to reach your destination completely.

Upon arriving at the town, this catches you with its pre-Hispanic and colonial combination, when you reach the heart of Xicotepec you will be dazzled because its garden is the most popular of the place, it is one of the most flowery in the entire state of Puebla, which was produced and planted by the locals themselves, trees carefully pruned to human, animal and geometric shapes will make you take the first picture. In the kiosk, people gather to delight their ear with the musical groups with wind instruments to play their melodious notes. Of course, it couldn´t miss the esquites and elotes prepared sellers, or the ice cream maker with its rich lemon flavor to go savoring while you continue your tour, or if you want to take a few minutes you can go through one of the cafes near the zocalo to ecstasy your taste buds with the delicious taste of coffee produced in Xicotepec.

Another of its tourist attractions visited by thousands of people every year, 30 meters high and built on the hill of Tabacal, is the monumental Virgin of Guadalupe, the largest image in all of Mexico.


Oh, and don´t worry about not going to get a great hotel because here the hotel offer is wide and varied. There are options that fit your needs, tastes, and the best, in your pocket.

Don’t wait any longer, get one of the flights to Mexico and take your bag. Take a tour of this Magical Town that awaits you and your family; give them those vacations they deserve so much.