When we say that the beaches of Cancun are a paradise it is not an exaggeration, because in each of them you can find turquoise waters, white sand and radiant sun. Undoubtedly, those details make these places wonderful, and it becomes a destination where anyone would want to get lost to forget the world, and we could say that it is the greatest motivation of thousands of tourists taking flights to Cancun Mexico.

Ballenas Beach

The access to Ballenas beach is public, but finding this entrance is not as simple as there is very little signage, although once arriving at the place it is a great prize because it has spectacular views and you can sunbathe quietly. It is worth mentioning that certain precautions should be taken since the currents can be very dangerous at any time of the year and have a strong swell.

Best beaches of Mexico

Delfines beach

This beach in Cancun is known as “the viewpoint” due to the beautiful views of the sea from it. Like the previous one, it has a strong swell and currents that can be treacherous, so getting into these waters should always be done with due caution. In Delfines beach there are stone benches to sit and contemplate the landscape, as well as a wooden gazebo, a children’s area, showers and bathrooms, palapas, outdoor gym and some colorful letters that say “Cancun” where tourists line up for take a photo.

Las Perlas Beach

Las Perlas is one of the smallest beaches in Cancun and yet one of the most appreciated, especially by families, since it has playgrounds for children and its waters are calm so that the little ones can swim. On weekends, it is full of people picnics by the sea, while during the week there are few visitors, so it is convenient to get up early when visiting it to get the best places in the shade of trees.

Tortugas Beach

One of the most popular and busiest beaches in Cancun is the public beach of Tortugas, which offers a great festive atmosphere for a fun beach day for both tourists and national visitors. It has basic services such as lifeguards and sanitary services, as well as food stores, mini-supermarkets and handicrafts. In the place the waves are regular, so it is perfect for water sports such as swimming or diving, while on the ground you can play volleyball or jump from the pier before relaxing by having a delicious cocktail in any of the restaurants in the area. The views from Tortugas beach of the Cancun lagoon are incredible, ideal for sitting and contemplating the beautiful landscape.

Chac Mool beach

This beach is famous among tourists for its great beauty as it presents the typical features of the paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean, being in front of the open sea it is a beach with great waves, so it is challenging and fun for lovers of water sports

It won´t be a simple task to choose your favorite beach when you take one of the flights to Cancun Mexico, but we can assure you that the selection process will be one of the best experiences you will take home.