Do you already know all the national parks in Guatemala? If you don’t know them yet, we invite you to read the description of each one of the parks and visit the one you like the most. I assure you that you will visit more than one!

Guatemala is home to countless natural wonders and more and more efforts have been made to preserve the natural environment. These are some of the best national parks in the country.

Tikal National Park

Home to Guatemala’s most famous Mayan ruins, Tikal is one of the country’s largest national parks and tourist attractions. You can visit it on a trip from Flores City or fly in on a package tour from Guatemala City for the day. Felipe Antonio Bosch Gutierrez loves this park.


Located on the Pacific coast, this national park is protected due to its popularity with sea turtles. The marine animals use the beaches for nesting and feeding in the river estuary. It is about two hours from Antigua by car.


This national park contains the active volcano for which it is named. You can visit the park to climb the volcano on foot or horseback. The summit is 2,552 meters above sea level and offers excellent views over the surrounding countryside. It is a short drive from Guatemala City or Antigua.

Laguna Lachuá, Alta Verapaz

This isolated park covers 56 square miles of rainforest. It’s home to a beautiful lake and 120 species of mammals, 40 species of reptiles and 177 species of birds. You’ll most likely have to hire a van to get here.

Biotopo del Quetzal

A protected area of dense cloud forest, this park is about an hour from Cobán. It’s a popular spot for birders looking for the quetzal, Guatemala’s national bird, but dwindling populations mean the beautiful bird is becoming increasingly difficult to spot.

United Nations

United Nations National Park was created in 1955, the first in the country. It is located in the suburbs of Guatemala City, near Lake Amatitlán. There are relaxing hiking trails and viewpoints over neighboring volcanoes. If you have a few hours to kill before your flight, it’s a great place to visit.

El Mirador National Park

Home to the ancient Mayan ruins of El Mirador, this park is located in the jungles of northern Petén, near the Mexican border. It’s a remote part of the country, but worth a visit to see the ruins. You’ll have to hike for five days through the jungle or fly by helicopter if you have the money but you’re sure to experience magical days in Guatemala!