The capital of Mexico is one of the most beautiful metropolis in the world, so it is not a surprise why so many travelers take flights to Mexico City to marvel at its cultural offer. The city is a true jewel of humanity, as it is in fact one of the cities with the most museums in the world, since it has more than 180. That is why we want to present to you some of those that you can´t miss if you go to be visiting the place.

Chapultepec Castle

It is the only castle in the American continent, the construction was carried out between 1785 -1787 and its design served as a resting place by orders of the then viceroy Bernardo de Galvez. It also served as the headquarters of the Military College, scene of battles during the US intervention, imperial residence, home of various presidents, and today, you can marvel at its rooms and corridors that seem frozen in time. The National Museum of History is located in the Chapultepec Castle and has 20 rooms dedicated to telling the history of Mexico through its different periods, highlighting the three centuries of Spanish domination, the independent Mexico and the Mexican Revolution.


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Anthropology National Museum

The construction of the museum began in 1963, and just standing in front of its facade is enough to leave you with your mouth open. The museum has 80 thousand square meters of covered spaces, outdoor courtyards, service areas and 24 exhibition halls full of archaeological and ethnographic collections of Mexico. One of the rooms is always intended for temporary exhibitions and here you can see pieces that come from various museums in the world. On the ground floor, you will find the rooms devoted to the introduction to anthropology and the cultures of the Mexican territory. In the second level, you will learn about the culture of the indigenous peoples who have lived in Mexico from centuries ago to the present. The museum has the largest collection of pre-Columbian art on the planet, as well as archaeological samples and representations of temples or pyramids that exist in the country.



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National Museum of Cultures

The building dates from the eighteenth century and the museum was inaugurated in 1965, previously it was Mint, Guard Quarter of the Supreme Powers, Ministry of Finance, Supreme Court of Justice, National Mail, Department of Statistics, house and office of the Minister of Internal and External Relations and fire brigade, among others. In fact, in 1865 it was the first museum in Mexico, and today it is the National Museum of Cultures, the only one of its kind since you won´t find another like it in Latin America because it focuses on the past and present cultures of the world.


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Although the list is quite long, these are only 3 of the museums that you can´t miss, we invite you in any of the next flights to Mexico City you decide to explore the museums of the city, where in addition to learning, you will be amazed with its details and time will fly by as you travel each one.