The magical city of Oaxaca, which was declared a World Heritage Site for being the most folkloric city and full of life that you can visit, is distinguished by its beautiful architecture, varied and exquisite cuisine, beautiful textiles, as well as its deeply rooted customs and traditions. However, when you take any of the flights to Oaxaca, there are places that you simply can´t miss.

Visit the Arquitos de Xochimilco

Oaxaca is distinguished by its beautiful and colorful colonial architecture, and in general, the entire historic center is a real gem that you can walk around very easily. From the most picturesque and where you can start, is for the Arquitos of Xochimilco, besides being pedestrian facades are a real rainbow.

Meet the former convent of Santo Domingo

The former convent of Santo Domingo is perhaps the most emblematic construction of the entire city, not for nothing UNESCO gave it the title of Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It is currently divided into 3 sections, the Temple of Santo Domingo, the Museum of Cultures and the Ethnobotanical Garden.


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Enter the Temple of Santo Domingo

Together with the San Diego temple in Morelia, it is the most impressive Mexican church in its interior, where you will literally remain with your mouth open as you see each of the details of its ornaments and figures. Here you are dazzled by an intense gold, because absolutely everything is laminated in gold of 23.5 carats, and when we say everything, we really talk about everything.

Tour the Museum of Cultures of Oaxaca

Most of the former convent of Santo Domingo is today the Museum of Cultures, as well as being a true architectural jewel. It has numerous rooms telling the history of the state, and among the most important rooms are the Treasures of Tomb 7 of Monte Albán, which were named the archaeological discovery of the century.

Take the tour through the Ethnobotanical Garden

It is the third part of the former convent that is also worth visiting, and during the tour they explain how Oaxacan plants are related to the different ethnic groups of this highly biodiverse state, in fact, the name of Oaxaca comes from the term “huaje”, which it is a tree. In addition, the garden has a perfect cactus area for a photo shoot.


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Visit three Markets

Going to Oaxaca and not visiting their markets is like not having gone. The most popular are three, and they are in the same area, 20 de Noviembre Market, which is ideal to taste the authentic Oaxacan food, the Benito Juarez Market, which is ideal for buy handicrafts or souvenirs, and the Handicraft Market, ideal for buying Oaxacan clothing and textiles. In any of the three you will find enough variety and at very accessible prices.

Taste more than one Mezcal

In Oaxaca they have an emblematic phrase, which is “for all bad mezcal and for everything good too”. When you are in the city, we recommend you taste more than one, but all with measure. One of the most traditional mezcalerías is the Hall of Fame, and the most common mezcal is the Agave Espadín.


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