In Mexico, when someone has had some very bad days, or with very bad luck, and despite all the efforts and good intentions, it still doesn´t do well, it is most likely that someone will recommend going to have a “clean” in Catemaco, since this town is internationally recognized as the witchcraft capital of the world and you can visit it just by taking one of the flights to Veracruz.

White sorcerers and black sorcerers

The white sorcerers are considered good and close to God and on the other hand, the black sorcerers, they resort to the so feared devil. It is believed that black sorcerers work with negative forces and whites resort to angels and saints to seek divine intervention in order to heal the spirit and the body, detect if the individual has been bewitched, cure of fright or attract prosperity, among other things, while the so-called black magic is used to make someone wrong, to take revenge on a bad love or enemy, to ruin the competition and as many evils as you can think of.

However, Catemaco is not just magic and esotericism, because what is really going to enchant you is its gastronomy, its people and that is surrounded by places with natural settings that are unique in their kind.

The Jump of Eyipantla

It is a place 12km from Catemaco with a cascade of a spectacular fall of 50m, which in pre-Hispanic times was known as the Paradise of Tlalocan or Lord of the Rains. Tlaloc was considered the god of water and it was believed that this was his house; the view is so beautiful that in this place international films like Apocalypto have been filmed.

Reserve of the Biosfera de la Tuxtlas

This place has a huge biodiversity and is one of the rainiest areas of the country, here are reported many species ranging from birds, reptiles, mammals fish and insects, while in terms of flora, have registered more than 3 thousand representative species. Within the reserve, you can make several ecotourism activities perfect for nature lovers.

Nanciyaga Ecological Reserve

This is an ecotourism center in the middle of the tropical jungle surrounded by a lagoon, the place has 12 cabins to stay and tours to the jungle are organized where, in addition to the natural beauty, you can admire sculptures of pre-Hispanic reproductions. The place also has Temazcal, masseurs, masks, mud baths and, of course, spiritual cleanings.

Sontecomapan lagoon

In this community ecotourism center you will enjoy one of the most beautiful wonders of Veracruz nature, around the corridor of volcanic hills you can visit mangroves observing the rich flora and fauna that inhabit them, it is an ideal place for kayak rides, by boat or to take long walks on its beaches.

We assure you that when you visit Catemaco, the place will enchant you to such a degree that you will want to take the flights to Veracruz again and again, until finally you end up accepting that the magic of the place exists and you have been caught.