In Chihuahua there are many places where you can spend a few days very different from what you could have in any other destination to vacation, because being the largest in Mexico, has a fairly wide diversity. Then, flights to Chihuahua will give you the opportunity to know its Magic Towns, which are the best representation of its diversity.


In the heart of the great state of Chihuahua, is the city of Batopilas, a picturesque community that preserves a large part of its proud mining architecture at the end of the last century. The house of Alexander R. Sheperd, who owned one of the richest mines in the region is a good example of this, also the Temple of the Virgin Del Carmen and the Temple of the Holy Angel in Satevó, both colonial monuments of extraordinary beauty, built in the seventeenth century. Other attractions are the Barffuson House, the Bigleer House and the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz School of the 18th century, making it an ideal destination for lovers of long walks, it is an experience to walk its rivers and paths, admire its wonderful scenery, get to know the old missions and visit the great viewpoints.


Creel city

Creel is considered the capital of the Sierra Tarahumara; it is a very special place where it is possible to learn about the customs, traditions, dress and cuisine of the Rarámuris. From here, you can start a trip to meet a people who resist modernization and changes. In the surroundings of Creel, adventure tourism can be practiced in activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, rappelling, hiking and tours of the ravines. Other attractions are the famous Elephant Stone, named for its great resemblance to the animal, as well as the Monks and Frogs Valleys with whimsical rock formations and the beautiful Arareco Lake.

Cuauhtémoc City

Cuahutemoc city sky view

One of the attractions of Cuauhtémoc City is the Mennonite Museum; this is an important community with a long presence in Mexico. The Mennonites arrived from Canada north of the city of Chihuahua in 1922, they are a reserved community with strong family and religious structures, their culture places great value on self-sufficiency and this philosophy of life has enabled them to develop amazing skills.


This community is located in a valley full of apple orchards, where the Chepe makes a daily stop, and wine is a fundamental part of the history and charm of the region since this valley has a microclimate similar to the conditions of spring throughout the year, which is perfect for growing the raw material of La Vid wine. The Tarahumara of this area also produce apples high in the mountains of the Copper Canyon, Tarahumara apples have the characteristic of being sweet, delicious and of incomparable export quality, and the apple pie baked in wood is a dessert that is it became a hallmark of Cerocahui.
Take one of the flights to Chihuahua and take an out-of-the-ordinary vacation in any of these Magical Towns, where all you have to do is let yourself be pampered and admire the landscape.


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