Cancun is a region characterized by its wide biodiversity of ecosystems such as beaches, coastal dunes, wetlands and jungles, in addition to having the second longest barrier reef in the world, called the Mesoamerican Reef System that contains an emblematic variety of species such as the whale shark, manatees and sea turtles, which are some of the most imposing specimens. For these reasons, actions have been taken to protect and maintain the biological and cultural diversity of this paradise by promoting good tourism practices, and here we share you some of these that will make you the most responsible traveler in any of the following flights to Cancun Mexico.

Learn more about the culture of the place

In addition to buying excursions in advance, or confirming your hotel reservation, it is important that you inform yourself and investigate about its nature and the customs of the destination you are going to visit. Most of the people believe of being a tourist you shouldn´t do this task, however, Mexico is very extensive and that is why it is possible to find different traditions in each corner.

Don´t take anything autochthonous

It may be tempting to take certain memories of the places you visit, whether plants, stones or animals, however, you should be aware that these elements belong to nature and should be left in it. Because you have to account that if all the travelers who visit the place take something from the environment, the bio system would be seriously damaged, and not only affect the landscape of the place, but the behavior of its flora and fauna causing a very difficult problem to repair.

journey in lake

Support the local economy

In the same sense as the previous point, although tourism contributes to local economies, the ecosystem is often harmed by buying certain souvenirs. So the best option is to look for handicrafts produced by local communities, and in this way take care of the environment, in turn, contribute to the commercial development of the region. It is also a good option to visit projects designed to conserve animal habitats and those that protect endangered species, such as animal sanctuaries and wildlife rehabilitation centers.

Respect the fauna of the place

There are many activities that are really cruel with animals, activities such as hunting, exhibition for photography and circus, among others. Therefore, we recommend not to be part of this type of activities in order to contribute to their elimination and to continue preserving the species for many more years and in order to be a responsible traveler .

Move in an ecological way

Choosing to walk or bike is not only better for the environment of Cancun, but it is the most pleasant way to discover new places and contemplate the scenarios that are presented to us, as well as being an excellent way to exercise. By renting a bicycle, you can explore and appreciate from a different approach those corners that by taxi or car are not enough to enjoy.

That the flights to Cancun Mexico end in more than just a tourist trip, enjoy the place knowing that your footprint in it has been minimal and also, have contributed to its natural beauty continue to be preserved.