Today we want to give you a cultural data of Mexico, and by the way, a few options for you to visit and confirm what we are going to tell you.

As we know, Mexican cuisine always has a lot to talk about and taste, which is why in January many flights to Guanajuato arrived, since that state hosted the International Gastronomy Summit where traditional cooks are invited, International and national chefs of high renown, so that together they can create this culinary festival with the best typical dishes.

Noted for its magnificent seasoning, Guanajuato ranks third as one of the states with the best cuisine nationwide, and in this destination there are different restaurants that have the badge of being the best restaurants for their exquisite dishes and their wonderful atmosphere.

The first favorite and considered the best by visitors, is the Aperi restaurant, and it is well deserved the first place for its wide range of dishes that offers, from the most typical, to international dishes of the most elaborate.

Their awards have been thanks to their wonderful chefs who cook with excellence. Something that catches the attention of the place is that you can decide where to enjoy your dish, if at one of the gala tables or in front of the grill watching how the chef cooks.

restaurant la virgen de la cueva

La Virgen de la Cueva, is the new gastronomic proposal of an old restaurant with more than 50 years of history, its extensive menu contains typical Guanajuato dishes, Mexican dishes, Italian food and Spanish food, so you will have to decide which one to taste to your palate.

Another beautiful place that we recommend you to visit is The Garden of Miracles, with its facilities in a former 17th-century estate with great architectural beauty that will make you fall in love with its beautiful purple stonewalls, they are lovely to enjoy a beautiful evening with the best company.

restaurant garden of miracles

Its selected menu is modified at least 10 times a year according to the ingredients that they discover through the different states of the Republic and the different towns.

You may not find the first dish you liked on your next visit, but you will have many new ones to discover.

The next and last, is located a little removed from the center of Guanajuato, but we are sure you will want to go where it is. The Bi

xa restaurant is located in Irapuato, and in the place, you can taste delicious dishes of its authentic Mexican cuisine with a Yucatecan accent, it really makes it worthwhile to make a long trip to taste the delicious dishes.

This restaurant seeks to recover the family tradition of three generations. Oh, by the way! Now that you are in Irapuato you have to buy their delicious strawberries, they are a classic of this destination.


Now you know that in Mexico you not only come to its wonderful beaches, but also to taste exquisite dishes, what are you waiting to check the next flights to Guanajuato and verify that its food is really delicious?

The basilica of Guanajuato

Don´t forget that to come to Mexico is to let yourself be pampered by the hospitality of the locals, the excellent service they offer, enjoy the beautiful landscapes and pleasant climates that each state has for you.