Businesses, administrations and projects have changed and it is no longer just the fact of conditioning the garages of the houses, putting a curtain and raising it so that all the neighbors, friends and passers-by enter your business. Today the behavior of people has changed and they are looking for comfort, many people do not want to go to the City Center because they charge for parking or there is no parking, many people have changed going to the corner stores to reach the self-service ones , Now there is not only Netflix, but also Uber Eats, so we must be very focused on taking advantage of the resources we have and making business more effective.

In order to build a profitable growth strategy, you cannot just be thinking about reducing costs, since these will directly affect promotion, marketing and collection, making companies less profitable. It is important to highlight that Charan (2004) indicates that more time and reflection has been devoted to tools such as “Six Sigma”, among others. Charan affirms that another very common mistake of directors in companies has been focused on looking for “home runs” instead of “singles” or “doubles”, referring to looking for simple activities that add value and not substantial changes to the business model. At the same time, he reproaches the fact of seeking only to increase productivity and not doing it in a coordinated manner with sales, which will only have an impact on 50% of profitability, since both effects cannot be separated.

Many defects that we have, is to think that each element of my business is a seller seemed little credible, but it is a reality. We are in an age where people do not wear the shirt of organizations, where there is no attachment to companies and, consequently, we have to invest in brand positioning and take care of our organic relationships.

When we bring in salespeople, these in general, are thinking more about the commission than about the product, so they neglect the small clients and only look for those that are large, when all the clients contribute to disperse the fixed costs.

We have been limited more by the sale of impact products that make paradigm changes than in differentiating those that already exist. In fact, everyone buys books about Steve Jobs, as if this were the solution and we found the product that revolutionized the market in his books and videos, when what we need is to sell things that make a difference on new or unmet needs.

In addition to the above, we find ourselves in a situation where people have a feeling of guilt or blame them on situations outside the product or the business they are in.

We are very focused on saturating our warehouses with product and pursuing production warehouses to do their job well, that we do not realize that there is a warehouse maintenance cost and that this affects the finances of the company.

We are still involved in the dynamic of selling only when it is easy, without having a compass of where to go, how much I have to do and how I should achieve it.

We limit marketing to promotion and advertising, being blind with eyes, which in the end the heart does not feel.

The sale is made only for one occasion, not trying to solve the customer’s life so that he returns by himself.

At the end of the day, we act as individuals, as if society had not changed, as if the recommendation of my compadre, colleague, neighbor or friend was the one that got me out of poverty.