Many people think that to admire nature you must travel quite far, but this is not necessarily so, because there are places that gather beautiful representations of nature in one place and that with your tickets to Mexico you can enjoy its beauty, in these Botanical gardens will rediscover the nature that is still present in the big cities.


Located on the outskirts of Mexico City, it is a perfect place to escape and rest from the immensity of urban life. Prior to the Mexican Revolution, the space was destined to be a popular market, however, due to the armed struggle it was not inaugurated until 1933. It served as a market for approximately 40 years until it was moved to another place. The stained glass work was in charge of the artist Leopoldo Flores and currently houses a botanical garden that has species from all continents.


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Gardens of Mexico

Like the Cosmovitral, the Gardens of Mexico are located on the outskirts of the City in Tehiuxtla Morelos, at the height of Tequesquitengo. The place is made up of five different types of gardens: Italian style garden, Japanese style, cacti, tropical garden and labyrinth garden of the senses. The largest gardens in Mexico, offer an experience of appreciation of nature, as well as conservation and sustainability.

UNAM Botanical Garden

The Institute of Biology of the UNAM has in its shelter an approximate of 300 plants that are threatened or in danger of extinction, then in this place you will be able to appreciate and visit its collection of more than 1600 species that grow in jungles, forests and Mexican deserts. With the title of the second oldest botanical garden in the country, the Botanical Garden of the Institute of Biology of the UNAM represents an effort to contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, it also has an Adoption Center in which you can acquire an endangered plant and thus join the Citizen Network of Plant Conservation.


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Chapultepec Botanical Garden

In the first section of the Chapultepec Forest there is a four-hectare corner where you can find domestic plants, wetlands, grasslands and plains, agaves, as well as cacti and arid zone plants. In this garden there is an Arboretum, which is responsible for the protection of woody plants and trees, as well as an Orquidario in which 200 species of these plants are also protected.

Bicentennial Park

It was built in the former gasoline-producing refinery and due to this activity, the soil was very affected, so it was decided to recover the property and that is how the park that occupies 55 hectares of the 174 that the refinery occupied was built. Composed of five gardens: wind, land, sun, water and nature, it is in the latter where the botanical garden is located, here we can find species of the xerophilous scrubland, coniferous forest, evergreen tropical forest, oak and desert forest, as well as the only chinampa outside Xochimilco.


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Whether or not you are a fan of plants, we can assure you that if you visit these places you will appreciate a little more of their beauty, so be encouraged to buy your tickets to Mexico and thus be able to tour each of these valuable natural spaces.