Mazatlan is considered as the world capital of fishing, and it is not for less, because the diversity of species and richness with which its waters count are sufficient proof of this, as well as clear of the various fishing events and competitions of international stature. However, this city is much more than that, because it also has spaces where you can literally feel the adrenaline in your skin, live an incredible vacation and feel the thrill of adrenaline in the sea. Know the offer of options for sightseeing adventure when you take one of the flights to Mazatlan, so pack your bags to travel and visit these sites.

Olas Altas Beach

In what is known as the old Mazatlan, is this beach whose main attraction are its huge waves, which are perfect for surfing. In the place, there are several schools to learn this sport, and the levels go from beginner to advanced, for the team you shouldn´t worry since the place seems to be practically designed for this wonderful sport, where its waters challenge you. On the other hand, if you prefer to be just a spectator, we assure you that on this beach you will find the best services for you to enjoy this show, in one of those, from so much to see you could be encouraged to ride a few waves.


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Stone Island

Located off the coast of Mazatlan, here you can perform various activities such as the typical banana ride, quad bike ride or horseback riding. You can also enjoy the gastronomy of the place in one of the restaurants located on the beach. On the other hand, if you like to take walks to explore unknown places, this place is the right one for you, since in addition to being a tourist beach, it also has its wild side. Although if you are someone who only seeks to swim and relax, the beach will let you do it without any problem; as you can see, it has a bit of everything.

The three islands

This ecological and recreational space is composed of three extensions of land. In the place, they inhabit different species of animals such as birds, deer and sea lions; you can visit any of the islands either by kayak or on a yacht. Don´t miss the opportunity to get to know these wonderful islands from where you can take the most spectacular Mazatlan postcards and see one or another curious species.

El Verde Camacho Sanctuary

Located in the municipality of Mármol de Salcido, this sanctuary is dedicated to the protection of the sea turtle, as of 2004 and as part of the initiative of several organizations, in this place tourists are allowed to release eggs of this species, this with the intention that they know more about the care that should be taken when visiting beaches so important for marine life. Being a responsible tourist doesn´t cost too much work and leaves many benefits for everyone, especially for these little turtles.


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The most exciting places are waiting for you, don´t wait any longer to enjoy adventure tourism and take some of the flights to Mazatlan, where nature awaits you to try to fall you in love with this city with its great traditions and festive atmosphere, ideal for every traveler who seeks to combine rest and entertainment.