Comitán de Domínguez was the first place to be called Magic Town in Mexico, its location makes it one of the most pleasant climates in the southeast and it is quite charming. To visit it you should only take any of the flights to Chiapas and be prepared to live a series of enriching experiences.

To start the tour you must recharge energy

Once you are ready to tour the town, the first thing you should do is consume a good dose of energy and nothing better for this than the quesadillas of the Central de Abastos, which is located a few minutes from downtown. They are huge and there are many stews, from shredded meat to sausages, nothing better to start the day accompanied by a rich pot coffee, or if you prefer, you can go to the downtown market and taste the tamales of chipilín and atole of granillo.

traditional chiapas food

Walking the streets of Comitán, to get into the magic of its colors

Comitan is divided into many neighborhoods and exploring each of them is to enter the same history of the city, churches are scattered everywhere and each of them has a unique beauty and is dedicated to a particular saint. The first obligatory stop is the neighborhood of La Pila, where it is said that the city was founded.

The surroundings of Comitán

The Lagunas de Montebello are great gems of nature and are very close to Comitán, which is one of the points from where to visit the National Park. It is a set of lakes of different colors ranging from greenish blue to turquoise, in some of the lakes you can swim, go on small rafts and even camp, so it is perfect to be in contact with nature and marvel at the landscape.

Take a dip in San Francisco Uninajab, one of the great spas of the Comitecos, here usually whole families gather on weekends, it is a spring of thermal waters that forms a series of natural pools where visitors can swim, relax and rest.


The Cenote Chukumaltic measures 200 meters long, with an approximate depth of 70 meters, which makes it ideal for lovers of diving, because there are different formations inside and from the heights you can admire how crystal clear its waters are.

Tenam Puente is an archaeological zone of the Mayan culture that you can´t miss, it was the city that served as a link between Chiapas and Guatemala. One of the great attractions, in addition to its pyramid, is that here the ball game was very important, for which there are three areas that were intended for such activities.

To finish your tour in Comitán

A good walk should end with good food, and in Comitan are experts in this, so don´t limit yourself to taste the delicacies that are served in the market or in the downtown restaurants that are responsible for serving the best of the typical dishes of the place. So, when you return from flights to Chiapas, you can presume to be an expert in its distinguished kitchen.

locations of comitan

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