Mazatlan is a city that mixes the classic of a colonial city with the modern one of a tourist beach town, and although it seems that such a fusion could cause a lot of tourist conflicts, the truth is that they complement each other in a perfect way, making Mazatlan one of the better cities to relax while walking or to burst the party until dawn. That is why we want to show you some of the places you can´t miss when you take the flights to Mazatlan, the well-named “Pearl of the Pacific”.

Cerro Del Creston

Cerro Del Creston is ideal to admire all Mazatlán from the viewpoint, since it has a height of 157 meters at sea level. This place has great stories because since 1828, many ships came from other countries to make commercial exchanges, and here there were many stories from all over the world. This place also includes the arrival and departure of tourist cruises.

Pino Suárez market

The structure of the Pino Suárez market is of a French style, which gives it an excellent atmosphere to admire, know, buy and taste the products of the area. Then strolling through the market is undoubtedly a unique experience that very few tourists dare to live, but when they do, they want to repeat.

Travel through its Historic Center

Walking through its Historic Center will take you to observe the old houses of the Neoclassical style emerged in the nineteenth century, and since you are here, you must go to the Angela Peralta Theater, which after several modifications was used as a theater, then as a cinema and returning as a Theater. This last one to expose the best cultural events to this day, and if you run with luck, you could witness a show as an extra to your trip.

The unique postcards of the Malecón

The Malecon of Mazatlan allows you to admire the beautiful sea, sunrises and sunsets difficult to match in another point of the world, it is considered among the longest in Latin America with its 17 km, ideal for long walks or rides on wheels, also, crossing the Malecón you will find the perfect spot for your photo shoot in Mazatlan.

Photographs sea Mazatlan

An adventure through the Three Islands

Three Islands are a group of semi-virgin islands that give you the opportunity to admire its fauna, incredible landscapes and cool off in its waves. It is worth mentioning that it is very worthwhile to take a walk to get to know them and visit them, as well as having dreamy beaches, their surroundings are jewels of nature in Mazatlan.

Verde Camacho Sanctuary

This space is dedicated to the conservation and care of six species of tortoise that live in Mazatlan, this environmentalist center will make you integrate to the community of the care of the environment. The importance of the ecological values that it has generated is so great that even some hotels and people have joined this project, making the daily care of the different species that live in Mazatlan.

Let yourself be pampered by this city and its inhabitants, take one of the flights to Mazatlan so that the only problem that invades your head is the way to enjoy the time in such a beautiful place.