Are you waiting for the weather to improve to go on vacation? If the answer is yes, then you need to know more about Mexican beaches, because it seems that spring never ends.

Mexico is the number one country in tourism, as it has the best places to spend a beautiful holiday in the company of the family or in a paradise.

Today we are going to recommend you to visit Quintana Roo, more specific, on any of the flights to Cozumel that leave daily, so you will have no problem making a reservation.

We will tell you the option of lodging and where you can taste the typical delights of the coasts of Mexico.

Would you like to see the stars in broad daylight? The radiant sun and the blue sea so it seems that you are swimming in the sky itself. It is not a joke, nor a dream, this beach in mention is called precisely that, El Cielo and has the sea so clear that you can see the starfish in the background, and is located just eight hundred meters from the coast of Cozumel.

El Cielo bech, perfect for snorkeling and swimming

This is considered the best beach in Cozumel by thousands of tourists, since lying on its white sand like clouds and its super crystalline blue sea is very relaxing. Its biggest attraction is snorkeling and observing the large number of starfish.

The most recommended hotel for this trip is the Iberostar Cozumel, since if you are looking for comfort, luxury and good service, this place is ideal for you.

This beautiful resort offers a totally family atmosphere, has rooms with views of the beautiful sea and bungalow-style suites, fully equipped, and from them you can easily access the swimming pools, the spa, or the beach.

It has some restaurants where they put your favorite dish on the table or the international buffet; it also has some themed restaurants in case you like something totally different, always with the good tasty and natural touch, according to local and seasonal products.

On the other hand, if you want to eat something different from the hotel you can also go to the Kondesa Restaurant, where it is a pleasure to eat, since it has a super nice atmosphere and quality service.

Famous restaurant Kondesa

This is one of the main restaurants most recommended by visitors.

The second option, and that doesn’t mean that it is of lower quality, is the Alberto’s Beach Bar Restaurant, where you can watch excellent sunsets for its magnificent location and its beautiful view, excellent service and with the seasoning you need for a good meal.

Alberto's Beach Bar Restaurant

Another thing you shouldn’t miss is going to one of the tours in the area.

As we mentioned above, very close to the beach El Cielo is the second best reef in the world, where you can enjoy the most beautiful marine species and live an unforgettable experience in its waters.

It is worth mentioning that there are many more lodging and restaurant options that can be adjusted to your pocket and needs, and without a doubt in all of them, you will enjoy the best of El Cielo beach.

Just don’t forget to book your flights to Cozumel and on the way you can check if there is an all-inclusive vacation plan so that your experience is the best, you have nothing to worry about and just dedicate yourself to enjoying this beautiful paradise.